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  • May 19 2020

    The Political System of Islam in Light of the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw)

    The Political System of Islam in Light of the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ Sheikh Dr. Suhaib Hasan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم PREFACE Undoubtedly, the mission of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was to bring out the people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of Islam, and from the tyranny of the prevailing ways of faith and belief […]

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  • May 12 2020

    Sadaqat Al-Fitr: Can this be paid cash? And other issues of Zakat and Masajid

    Sadaqat al-Fitr: Can this be paid in cash? There is no doubt that Sadaqat al-Fitr was originally initiated to be paid in food according to the following narrations: Ibn Abbas reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ordained Sadaqa al-Fitr upon each person, whether free or slave, […]

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  • Mar 24 2020

    My Memoirs part16

    MEMOIRS NO 16; MY FIRST VISIT TO BRITAIN. Blog No. 16: (1973-1974) Mohammad Salafi I previously mentioned my journey to Marsabit via Isiolo where we met our friend Mohammad Salafi. Let me talk a little more about him. After graduating from Madinah two years after me, he was employed first in Agades, Niger, where he […]

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  • Nov 24 2019

    My Memoirs Part 15

    Memoirs 15: Lake Victoria, Cessnas and jungles. Part 15 (1971 – 1972) First: some short notes:  I travelled to Lyallpur (Pakistan) to sit in the exams for M.A in Arabic organised by the Punjab University. My third son was born in Nairobi in October 1971. My wife told me that it was a Friday when […]

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  • Nov 17 2019

    Tafsiri services of Shaykh Suhaib Hasan and Shaykh AbdulGhaffar Hasan

    Tafsiri services of Shaykh Suhaib Hasan AbdulGhaffar 1) “Ma za Yajibu alal Muslimeen Tujah Al-Quran”: This is the name of the Arabic translation done by Shaykh Suhaib Hasan of Dr Israr Ahmed’s Urdu book “Muslmanon par Quran Majeed ke Huqooq”. This translation was published in many parts in the Arabic magazine “Al-Ba’th Al-Islami” of Nadwah […]

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  • Sep 03 2019

    My Memoirs part14

    My Memoirs No. 14 (1970 – 71) No. 14 (1970 – 71)  A) A hazardous but incomplete journey towards Mombasa: The year started off with our road journey to Kampala, Uganda, around 400 kilometres away from Nairobi. We wanted to accompany Brother Abdul Hameed Slatch, the son on our dear friend Muhammad Luqman, who was […]

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  • Jan 13 2019

    My Memoirs part 11-13

    My Memoirs part 11: Nairobi, Mombasa and Mungano Madrasah. Memoirs (11) It was our first flight to a land unknown, to a people unfamiliar with, and to a destiny already ordained by Allah. Approaching Nairobi, the city in the sun as described by its residents, the landscape under us from beneath a descending aircraft besides […]

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  • Nov 06 2018

    The Right way in the matter of Ittibba’ and Taqlid

    AMJA Seminar By Dr. Suhaib Hasan, Secretary Islamic Sharia Council U.K 2018 The Right way in the matter of Ittibba’ and Taqlid This paper is dedicated to the issue of Ittiba’ (following, i.e. The Book and Sunnah) and Taqlid (following one’s Imam blindly). A person is judged according to the way he follows his Deen; […]

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  • Nov 04 2018

    My Memoirs 8-9-10

    My Memoirs No.8 Final year in Madinah (1966) I have not many recollections of my last year in the university except that I achieved the highest grade (Mumtāz) in the final exam by which I acquired my certificate in Islamic Sharia. It equates with a B.A in the British educational system. There had been neither […]

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  • Jul 24 2018

    Harmony between Islam and Homeland and Communities Security

    Harmony between Islam and Homeland and Communities Security Dr Suhaib Hasan – Secretary General of the Islamic Sharia Council of Great Britain and Ireland سْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم                             Preface What might be the shortest definition of peace? “No war” or “anti-war” would be the answer. In Qur’anic terms the answer is: No corruption (Fasad) at […]

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