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  • Oct 29 2016

    Principles of understanding the Quran

    Paper presented at the IIFWP Summit of Muslim Leaders, London, 4-5 August 2002,25-26 Jumada Al-Ula 1423 Dr. Suhaib Hasan, Al-Quran Society & Islamic Shari’a Council, London INTRODUCTION The Qur’an stands as a constitution for the entire Muslim Ummah. The Arabs, immediate recipients of this marvellous Book, a nation unknown and sandwiched between the two mighty […]

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  • Oct 23 2016

    The Cordial Relations between Ahlul Bait and the Companions

    The Cordial Relations between Ahlul Bait and the Companions Who are the Ahlul Bait (the family of the House)? This term is used in the Quran in two places, and is used to mean the wife of a Prophet.In Verse 73 of Surah Hud this word refers to Sara, wife of the Prophet Ibrahim. It […]

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  • Oct 23 2016

    Courses of “Usul Al-Fiqh”, study book “Imta Ul-Uqool” of Sh AbdulQadir Shaybah Hamd

    Study online the book “Imta al Uqool” of shaykh AbdulQadir Shaybah Hamd, an excellent book of “Usul Al-Fiqh” Watch 45 videos of 45 min, Shaykh Dr Suhaib Hasan in English explains the book “Imta Al-Uqool” of his teacher Shaykh AbdulQadir Shaybah Hamd. The fee for the course, watching these videos is: 80 £ for students […]

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  • Oct 22 2016


    Just as the Qur’an explains to the believers the way to live and behave in this world, it has also recorded the wisest means of calling people towards Islam. Examples from the Prophet (SAW) have embodied these teachings of the Qur’an, remaining a source of inspiration and enlightenment for Muslims throughout the ages. Emphasis is […]

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